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Falls Branch Falls 2

Falls Branch Falls

Falls Branch Falls — Getting to the falls is pretty challenging with all the downed trees around and the “steps” that consist of a little brook that seems to have come out of now where, but makes the trip down (and up) a little tricky if you’re not paying attention. But what’s even more challenging…

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There Is Always Next Time


There Is Always Next Time For the past several posts, I have been talking about this creek/river that I’ve been exploring that doesn’t have a trail or type of path. This place is nothing but waterfall after waterfall surrounded by steep hills on both sides. The only real way to get up this creek is…

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Unknown Muscian


This unknown muscian was playing a Chinese plucked zither called a “Guzheng” during the “Peacock Dance” performance at the East Tennessee Chinese New Year Festival, on February 10, 2013. To hear a sample of the sound of music that the guzheng produces, click the play button on the player below the image. This shot was…

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Sweetwater Reflection


Over the past several weeks we have experienced a ton of rain. During all the rain we were getting, I noticed our neighbors yard had retained a lot of that water. With the grounds so saturated, the water has had no place to go, so a shallow lake was created. During a recent walk down…

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Snow in Sweetwater


The next newsletter is ready and will be sent out tomorrow. Head over to and sign up for the weekly update. Snow finally hit Sweetwater this year. This image was taken only a few hours ago, but by now, 95% of the snowfall has already melted. This image was taken from my backyard looking…

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Burgess Falls


I was just going through some very old photos that were taken with a point and shoot camera, prior to getting my current setup. I came arcoss 5 images of Burgess Falls in Central Tennessee and noticed that they were shot for the sole purpose of combining them into a panorama. So I fired up…

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Roadside Falls


Along the side of the road, in the mountains, waterfalls can pop up from anywhere. Tip: If you ever see a waterfall on the side of the road, take the time to grab a picture of it. It may not be there the next time you are. This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000…

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Sunset At Anchor Park


Sunset At Anchor Park in Farragut, TN