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As part of this agreement, there are a multitude of incentives for casting. SAG-AFTRA offers a casting incentive for low-budget filmmakers who can increase the entire range of theatrical agreements, which would increase prices, and other payments that a low-budget film might not afford. For more information on what is qualified for diversity, see Section 3 (a) of the Low Budget Agreement. Making a feature film with a talent of SAG? In this case, your production will probably be covered by a sag theater deal. MR. AFTRA. If you don`t know, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) merged in 2012 with AFTRA (American Federation of Television Radio Actors); However, SAG-AFTRA is a butcher`s shop, which is why, for the rest of the article, I will simply refer to the merged organisation as `the Union`. It is important to know that the actor`s union is different and has nothing to do with the film and television staff union, and in general, one has no influence over the other. The prices of the daily and weekly headliners under this agreement are set at 65% of the scale of the basic agreement. While the main players are usually paid well above the SAG minimum, the lowest thing you can pay under this agreement is this: if you work with some players who are not in the guild, don`t worry. Under this agreement, these players can, as with most SAG agreements, work with a Tft-Hartley agreement.

Once you`re in SAG, you always get SAG contracts when you`re working on SAG movies, even those for which there`s no salary (and if you don`t, contact SAG so they can be sure that the producer does everything according to the books, as signatories). When a company becomes a signatory, it accepts the working conditions of professionals represented, protected and conservative under basic contracts. This brings us to the New Media Contract, which is a recent innovation and which, in a way, has replaced the popularity of the short film contract. This is because the short film agreement is very concrete, where and how the finished film can be screened and when you have to pay your actors; However, the new media agreement allows you to negotiate the financial terms of the agreement with stakeholders. Perhaps more importantly, the new media contract does not deal with the festival circle, but it should allow you to make your film and straighten it out on the web. SAG-AFTRA offers two casting projects for low-budget fashion filmmakers, which can increase the maximum production cost.

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