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Daughter Playing Soccer

Daughter Playing Soccer

I’ve mentioned in a previous post (titled: “A Bridge to Cross”) that I’ve not been able to get out and shoot the way that I would like. However, soccer season has started at my daughter’s school, so from a sitting position the sidelines, I’ve been able to get some good shots of the girls playing. This is from their second game of the season, and the second game ever, for most of the players on this team. My daughter is trying her best to protect the ball from her opponent. Despite their valiant effort, her team lost 0-5.

Being able to get out and just shoot feels good. I wish that I were able to move around a bit more and get out on the trails and rivers shooting waterfalls again, but that will come in due time. Until then, this will fill the gap.

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If you are interested in seeing a series of shots from this game, visit:

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