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A Bridge To Cross

Years ago, my family and I visited this very spot while visting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Mind you we only live a short distance away and this is considered, “playing in our own backyard” when we visit. We actually don’t visit this enough. But, on that trip my wife, daughter and dog, stopped here and we played in the snow. At the time we only had point and shoot cameras and the level of photography that I do now was not even a thought. But, having been here and seeing this scene before, once I got heavy into photography, I knew I wanted to come back. The problem is that it doesn’t always snow like this in this part of the country and if it does, it doesn’t stay long enough to go visit.

This year, however, it did snow and it has snowed a lot. The temperatures have been cold enough to keep the snow around, in the higher elevations for a while. On President’s day, my photography buddy and I headed up to Newfound Gap, and on the way back down i noticed this spot and remember this is a shot that I wanted to get.

For me, getting to this spot was a bit of a challenge. For the past several months have I have been suffering from a very severe case of Sciatica, nerve pain, down my left leg and has left me almost unable to do much of anything. But, this is changing as I finally decided that I couldn’t get rid of it by myself and have been attending Physical Therapy sessions. They are really starting to work and after each visit, I am seeing noticeable changes. What made this shot particularly difficult was the hill that I had to climb down and the subsequently, climb back up. Over the past month, climbing half a flight of stairs has been a challenge, so this hill was a huge improvement in my ability to move around.

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