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Chipping Sparrow

I was out in the back yard a week or so ago and while trying to get some creative shots of my yard, I decided to try to capture some shots of the birds that like to come feed from our feeders we have hanging around. I ended up getting this shot of a Chipping Sparrow checking out his surroundings from the edge of the feeder.

Far From Ornithology

I’m defiantly not one that can rattle off the names of birds, but luckily for me it didn’t take me long to find out what kind of bird this was. I found a site called “100 Common Birds of Tennessee” ( and after scrolling almost most of the page, I finally found some small birds that looked similar. I was finally able to narrow it down to the Chipping Sparrow based on the black line that goes through the eyes and the red found on the top of it’s head.

This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000 at ISO 640, f/9, for 1/160sec

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