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Original Boat House

Several years ago, I was out taking photos in the Kingston area of East Tennessee. Along one of the roads near Riley Creek, I came across this boat house surrounded by fog. The winds were still causing a beautiful reflection of the boat house and with the fog in the background, the horizon line disappeared.

I originally posted an image of this boat house with some modifications to it that were achieved through the use of Lightroom, Photoshop, a few other adjustments using a plug-in, and shooting in RAW format.

However, last night I was looking through some old images from that day and I came across this one. This is the shot that I took just before the other shot that I mentioned.

I’m still mesmerized by the smooth reflection of the water and the mystical look of the fog in the background. This time I did not modify this image, except for a minor modification to the ground in the lower right corner. Using the Gradient Mask tool, I was able to add a bit more exposure to that part of the image. and balance it out just a bit.

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