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Nuts and Stuff

Nuts and Stuff

Last night after Terrah came home from school, we all headed out to a local market for some shopping. After being here for a few days and seeing some of the street markets around town, I can tell you I wasn’t prepared for the hustle and bustle of this type of market. This is the Thanin Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand and it is filled with row after row of vendors selling their foods. Just about any kind of food you are looking for is under this roof. This place is as big as a Super Wal-Mart, but mostly selling food stuff.

In Thailand, they are missing a few things that we in America are used to and usually don’t think twice about. Two things that come to mind are Zip-Lock bags and Paper Towels. In this shot of a vendor selling a bunch of nuts, seeds, etc. by the bag, you can see that each one is tied off by a simple rubber band. This is how they package everything, by hand.

Paper Towels are almost non-existent in this country. I have yet to see a paper towel, although Terrah has told me that she saw a roll the other day. Here they use toilet paper, or a small napkin made from the same paper that is used to make toilet paper. Oh, and when you have to go to the bathroom, make sure you bring some toilet paper, chances are, depending on where you are, there won’t be any in the stall.

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