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This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000 at ISO 3200, f/4, for 1/250sec

This is a very young Middle School Volleyball team from Knoxville Christian School, and for most on the team, this was their first year playing. One of the lessons that we try to teach our kids with any sport, is communication. It’s very rare during a game to actually hear any of the girls calling the ball, as evident in this shot, three of them assumed that the other two were going to back off.

Tonight I tried something a little different. I went the whole game with a 50mm prime which allowed me a faster shutter speed in horrible light (although this gym has some of the best light I’ve seen this year). The only real issue I had was that the lens doesn’t auto focus. But in the end I did get some good shots.

This was the last game of the season for these girls, it’s been a learning experience for both them and me. Next is basketball, I believe.

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