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KCS MS Volleyball

Over the past few months, I have not been able to post as frequently as I would like, but it’s for good reason. Ever since school started, my daughter (not my daughter pictured above) and a bunch of her friends have joined the Middle School Volleyball team. For many this is the first opportunity to play sports for school.

This has provided me with the opportunity to try my hand with sports photography.

Indoor sports photography is very difficult with the camera that I have. I’m used to not having the top of the line equipment, and using inexpensive kit lenses (except for my wide angle, which is great for landscapes), but I’m usually outdoors. Indoors, I’m at the mercy of horrible lighting, which with my slow lenses, causes me to use an extremely high ISO, making for some very noisy images.

With the help of Lightroom’s noise reduction, I’ve been able to salvage a few shots.

Oh and to add to all of the lighting obstacles, my 200mm lens’ auto zoom doesn’t work, so these are all manual focused.

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