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First Tennessee Plaza

First Tennessee Plaza is Knoxville, Tennessee’s tallest building. Construction for this building was completed in 1978 and is 27-stories tall. The building was originally known as the United American Plaza, but is now known as the First Tennessee Plaza to reflect its anchor tenant, First Tennessee Bank.

The building was originally built as office space for the United American Bank, which was the cornerstone of Jack Butcher’s banking empire. In 1982, the FDIC raided Butcher’s banks, and United American Bank collapsed and it’s owner was eventually convicted of bank fraud. In 1983 the building was sold to JMB Reality, a Chicago based real estate firm, for $28.5 million.

Over the years following the original purchase, the Plaza Tower has been bought and sold several times. It was last sold to the Brooklyn-based North Development Group in 2007 for $50 million.

In addition to First Tennessee, other occupants of the building include the Brunswick Boat Group, several high-level law firms and, Club LeConte occupies the top floor.

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