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Smoky Mountain Dogwood

One of the many perks of living in East Tennessee is the quick and easy access to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. One day after a full day of work, my wife and kids picked me up from work and we all decided to head to The Smokies.

We arrived in the Cades Cove area of the park just in time to see the beginning of the of the dogwood blossoms. Some trees were fuller than others, and others had not even started to bloom.

While walking back from the John Oliver cabin, I spotted this one dogwood in what looked like a sea of green. The contrast between the background and the white of the dogwood caught my eye and I knew that with using my zoom lens, I would be able to compress everything together.

FYI.. The distance between where I was standing and the dogwood was approximately 200-300 feet. The distance between the dogwood in the foreground and the mountain of trees in the background is approximately .75 – 1 mile.


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