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This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000 at ISO 200, f/18, for 1/2sec

In order to create these little blurbs for the images that I post, I’ve been doing some research into the subjects that I’ve been shooting. This particular shot is no different.

The day I took this shot was the first time I had ever driven the Roaring Fork Motor Trail in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. So, heading into this photo outing with my buddy Jerry Denham, I knew very little about the area.

After coming home, I looked up some information about the house that you see here. Upon researching this, I learned that the ‘Old Jim Bales House’ really isn’t Old Jim Bales House. As it turns out, when the Park Service gained control of this area, they tore down Jim Bales “frame house” because they thought it was too fancy and didn’t represent the pioneer days of Appalachia.

So whose house is this?

This house originally belonged to Alex Cole and was moved here from the Sugarlands area of the park.

For those that have visited this site, you already know that in this small clearing are two more buildings. A corn crib and a barn. Those are original buildings that belonged to Jim Bales.

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