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He probably hates when I do these, but here is a behind the scenes shot of Jerry Denham working with the 136′ tall Burgess Falls. On Sunday the two of us traveled to the Cookville / Sparta area of Tennessee. Due to State Park rules, the hours of the park are not the best for photographers. The weather couldn’t have been any nicer, but that’s not always the best for photographers. We like light; just the right amount of it and that morning, there was a bit too much. On top of the light issue, we had to deal with a lot of water coming over the top of this waterfall. The excess water was creating a very wet mist in the air that was almost impossible to avoid.

Below Burgess Falls

Photo by Jerry Denham

Jerry spent several minutes in this spot, trying to get the perfect bracket of images. Between shots he was wiping his lens clear of mist. He ended up getting an awesome shot (his image is to the right), and was able to keep the water out of his camera, this time.

The shot below helps to get some perspective on just how tall this waterfall really is.

Behind The Scene - Burgess Falls

This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000 at ISO 100, f/22, for 1/10sec

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