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It’s Been A Busy Week

For the past several days I have been consumed with children out of school for Spring Break and at the same time working on some behind the scenes activities for this website and my wife’s MASSAGE by Terrah Banakas web site.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a waterfall so I’m going back a few months in my images and pulling this one out. This is from a creek that feeds into the Tellico River in the Cherokee National Park. I really enjoyed shooting this creek but will be moving on to another creek the next time I’m out in that area.

Bald River Falls / Tellico River Photowalk

In two weeks, on April 13, Jerry Denham and I will be hosting a small informal photowalk at and around Bald River Falls. We will be meeting at the Baby Falls parking area just a bit further east of Bald River Falls at 9am. If you are interested in going, head over to Google+ and let us know if you are going to attend.

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This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000 at ISO 100, f/20, for 1/2sec

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