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In the fall of last year my wife approached me and informed me that one of her clients had seen the landscape photographs hanging on her office wall and asked if I would be interested in photographing her during an upcoming performance. My initial response was no. Up to this point I have never photographed people performing anything.

After some constant nagging from my wife, I reluctantly changed my mind and agreed to photograph her client during her last performance. The rumor going around is that this is the last year this group of dancers will be together, so she wanted a personal photographer to capture this meaningful event.

There were several reasons as to why I agreed to the shoot, one being that if I don’t start now, when would I start? The second reason was that she agreed to fund the rental of a professional camera, as the camera that I regularly use is not good in low light conditions. Who would give up an opportunity to try out professional grade equipment?

This image is one of my favorites and was captured during the dance called “Raining Alley in a Little Town” by the Knoxville Chinese Dance Ensemble during the 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration.

Raining Alley

This shot was taken using a NIKON D800 at ISO 5000, f/7.1, for 1/640sec

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