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Comet PanSTARRS officially named Comet C/2001 L4 was discovered in June 2011 and this month it is now visible with the naked eye. There was a very small window of opportunity to see this comet as it can only be seen during the twilight time just above the horizon. About 30 minutes after sunset, the moon was visible, then shortly after that, the comet was visible. The comet was only visible for about another 30 minutes.

The comet should be visible for the next several days, but I wasn’t sure how the weather would hold up, so I went out tonight and took this shot. If you are interested in seeing it for yourself, you can take a look at this article describing when and how to find this comet in the western sky, just after sunset.

The PanSTARRS comet can be seen on the left side of the image.


This shot was taken using a NIKON D5000 at ISO 200, f/9, for 13sec

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