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All throughout East Tennessee there are hundreds of named waterfalls and most of them have trails that lead to them. I love hiking trails that have waterfalls; it’s like the reward at the end of the trail. If a trail doesn’t have a waterfall, I’m really not interested on going. Everyone has a reason to hike, mine is the falls along the trail or at the end.

To me there is nothing better than following the trail and reaching the end, except for forging your own trail up the river. The past few times I’ve been up River Road, I’ve stopped at the first little bridge and hiked up this river. Waterfall after waterfall, in a small valley, just waiting to be explored, and this place is fun!

This particular waterfall was where I ended up the first time I was out here. The first time, my battery died, so I had to head back home. The second time, I was with Jerry Denham and this time my battery was full and ready to go. We spent a good 15-20 minutes at this one fall, trying different angles before moving further back up the river.

Further up this river were some interesting shots and quite a story to share. Keep checking back to find out how my weekend with a rented professional camera almost ended before the performance that I had to shoot later that evening (which was the only reason I had this camera to begin with).

This shot was taken using a NIKON D800 at ISO 100, f/20, for 1.60sec

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