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Chinese fan dances began as ceremonial rituals in ancient times, but currently represent beauty, grace, skill, tradition, and history. They have been transformed into unique, modern workouts. This dance, performed by the Bread of Life Christian Church Chinese School and the Families with Children from China, East Tennessee, exhibits graceful hand gestures and footwork, as well as the dramatic sound of the fans snapping open and closed to the rhythm of the music.

This photo was taken with a full frame Nikon D800 body with a 55-200mm DX Zoom lens. This lens is designed to work on cameras with a cropped sensor. So having this lens on a full frame camera, as you zoom out (this photo was taken at 75mm) you will notice some darkened corners. This is caused by the lens being “too small” for the sensor, but for these performances, it worked to help bring focus to the center of the image.

Iron Fans Dance
This shot was taken using a NIKON D800 at ISO 5000, f/7.1, for 1/640sec

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