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Facebook is constantly making changes, some times we don’t agree with the changes, but most of the time, the changes are so little, they don’t seem to bother us, for the most part. Facebook doesn’t make it easy to find out about changes, until you either stumble upon them, or millions of people start complaining about them in their timelines.

One of the areas that is constantly changing is the area of photos. Recent changes have made the flow of your images look a lot better and they have given you better control of how your images are displayed.


On your timeline, when you post an image, that image will appear on either the left or right side of your timeline. This works fine for images that are in portrait orientation, but not so well for landscape orientation. The developers for Facebook have given you the ability to “highlight” images in your timeline. Highlighting an image will make that image span across both columns of your timeline.

To get an image to span across your timeline, you will need to hover over your image and then point to the star in the upper right corner of the post box. Now your landscape photo looks awesome. No? Not quite?

Notice how your image is magically not properly centered? Your subject’s head is chopped off? Photo just doesn’t look right! There’s one more feature that Facebook added to help you out a bit. You can re-position your image. This works on both orientations. Hover over your image, point to the pencil icon and click it, and choose “Reposition Photo…” From here you will be able to reposition your photo to make it look correct.

Photos and Albums

When you click on the Photos portion of your timeline, you are presented with a page of nothing but photos arranged in nice squares. Looking at photos in an album, looks the same. They are all the same size and looks nice, but with a little help, these pages can look better.

You can use the same techniques to highlight your images. However, highlighting an image here will only enlarge the square, but it does allow you to highlight your favorite memories, and you are unable to reposition your images in the albums.

Update: Since writing this post, I have noticed that in the albums, the highlighted images don’t seem to be keeping their settings.

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