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Christmas time is the time of year that everyone unpacks, purcheses, or cuts down their Christmas tree for decorating. It’s also the time of year that the folks at Dollywood decorate the park for the holidays. They take a week to close the park and string lights everywhere. They are very detailed in the way in which they put the lights on the buildings, to the point that all the lights are all pointing in the same direction on the string of lights.

In addition to the detail they take to decorate the buildings, they even take time to wrap every branch of select trees. They don’t choose the smallest trees, they choose big prominent trees to light up. Below are shots of most of the trees that they light up.

Red Tree next to the Ferris Wheel in Dollywood

Red Tree next to the Ferris Wheel in Dollywood – Christmas 2012

Multi-Colored tree in Dollywood

Multi-Colored twinkling tree in Dollywood – Christmas 2012

Green Lights

Green Lights

Green Lights - Detail

Green Lights – Detail

Blue Lights

Blue Lights

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