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Getting a star-burst in a photo is not as difficult as it may seem. You may have seen photos like the ones below. Both photos were taken within seconds of each other. The first one shows the sun as a big blob of light. The second photo shows the sun with star-burst “fingers”. The star-burst makes for a more interesting scene.

Star-Burst Aperture f/9

Star-Burst Aperture f/22

You don’t need expensive software to create this effect. You don’t even need to do anything with the picture to achieve this effect. The only thing you need to do is raise your aperture. The larger the number f/16-f22, the more defined the effect.

The photos above, the first image was taken at f/9 while the second image was taken at f/22.

Be careful though, looking at the sun through your camera is just as dangerous as looking directly at the sun without a camera. Setting your camera for a long exposure of the sun can ruin your camera as well.

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