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This is a shot of Burgess Falls in Central Tennessee. On this particular trip, I didn’t have the time I needed to get to the bottom and get the shot I was really after. But becasue the park was closing, this area was not as crowded as it normally can be. This shot was taken from the staircase that leads toward the bottom. Any other time during the day I would not have been able to get this shot as the staircase is just to narrow to pass anyone, much less a person and a tripod.

This shot was taken at an aperture of f/22 with my new 12-24mm lens at 24mm, ISO 100 for 1 second.

To get the smooth flow of water that pours over the waterfalls, it’s important to bring a tripod along with you. This allows you to set a slower shutter speed and get a sharper image. Taking this shot without a tripod would have either caused the image to be blury or the water flow would look to have been frozen in time.

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