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…and I’ll show you mine!

Actully, you’ve already seen mine. But, I do want to see yours.

I’ve been posting images online for just over a year now and I enjoy doing it. I don’t get to add images everyday due to other things that take up my time, but I would like to become more active in my love for photography. Sometimes, I need help in finding inspiration. This is where you come in. I want to see some of the photos that you all have been taking.

Everyone has a camera of some sort, wether it’s on your phone, a tablet, a point and shoot, a professional camera, or something in between. Everyone has photos. Let’s share them.

I have a very small following, so there’s no reason to hesitate in sharing. I currently have less than 100 followers on Facebook, and I’m averaging only a few people on my website a day. This may be a good spot to share your work, since right now not many people will see it. May that will change.

So how do you share your photos with me? Well, I’ve created a Flickr group that you can join and upload a couple of images. In return, each week, I will pick a few photos and share them with my followers.

If this works out, we can all share amongst this little community and get some inspiration together and all become better photographers.

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