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Last night was Knoxville’s fireworks display. I was hesitant about going to their festivities due to the fact that this past week, we have had some very strong, late afternoon / early evening thunderstorms that just pop up almost as if out of nowhere. I didn’t want to really carry my gear around only to get situated, and have it start raining. But, I ended up going and it turned out to be a good trip out. I initially started walking around the grounds of World’s Fair Park, looking for a spot to setup, but I noticed some people on the top floor of a parking garage. So, I ended up walking over there and setting up on the top floor overlooking the crowd. This gave me a great spot to capture the fireworks, while listening to the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra as they provided the music for the show.

When I first saw this image, I immediately thought of an image of a dandelion and it’s seeds blowing away in a breeze.

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