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There are many memorials scattered throughout Manhattan. During my short visit to the area, I was not able to visit many of them and to be honest, I wasn’t there to really visit memorials. However, the friends that we were with suggested that we visit this particular spot. At the time, I didn’t really know what I was looking at or experiencing, but with some internet research I was able to learn about this place and it’s pretty interesting.

An excerpt from wikipedia states:

“… is dedicated to raising awareness of the Great Irish Famine that killed up to a million in Ireland between the years 1845 and 1852. The memorial was dedicated on July 16, 2002. It is a uniquely landscaped plot, which utilizes stones, soil, and native vegetation brought in from the western coast of Ireland. The memorial contains stones from all of the different counties of Ireland. The memorial also incorporates an authentic rebuilt Irish cottage of the 19th century.”


I have some other photos from this spot but have not yet processed them, but I will share them in the future.

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