Banakas | Photography

With the beginning of 2012, my church started a little campaign to see if we could get 2012 Steps of Faith in 2012. Also with the beginning of 2012, my wife has decided to open up her own massage business instead of doing massages for the benefits of someone else’s pockets.

Today, I was able to finish creating a very simple page for my church’s website to where people could enter in their personal “steps of faith”. Also, today, my wife was given the office say-so from the Tennessee Massage Board that she is able to own her own establishment (about 4-6 weeks quicker than expected).

She’s nervous with the onset of this new venture, but it’s through faith, that everything is coming together. That brings me to today’s photo. Everyday we take steps of faith, whether we realize it or not. Who knows what’s on the other side of this hill, but every step we take up this hill, he have faith there is not a bear on the other side.

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