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Yesterday’s post was interesting to me, not only was the shot cool, but the process sharing was unique to me. Typically, I use my Nikon D5000 to take the image and use a combination of Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop for the post processing. Once the processing is completed, I will upload the image, using my laptop to at least four different locations:

My blog (
Facebook (
Google + (
Flickr (

That’s my normal process! Yesterday, was a little different. As you know I shot the image using my phone. When I got home, I proceeded to use Nic’s Snapseed iPhone app to adjust, add filter, and publish the image. Using my phone, I was able to upload the image to all of the locations above.

Today’s photo:
Nothing special about the process of getting this photo to you to day. I’m relaxed in my arm chair, working on my laptop publishing this image.

This image is of a row of pilings at the Tellico Village Yacht Club.

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