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It’s the Christmas Season and time to think about giving, but in these economic times, it can be difficult for some to give. Well, I have an opportunity for you that only costs about 2 minutes of your time and you would be giving to a good cause. (click on the “Vote” link under Knoxville Christian School)

My daughter’s school has been accepted as one of 4 finalist to receive 3 years of free ($200,000 worth) IT services and support from Claris Networks. Knoxville Christian School is a very small private school and its students could greatly benefit from this service. Please follow the link below and select (and vote) for Knoxville Christian School. We are going up against some big hitters and it would be great to see that Knoxville Christian School could come out on top.

There is absolutely no reason not to do this, it’s free, costs you nothing, and only takes a few minutes to complete. Your vote would benefit a great Christian school in East Tennessee.

Also, I beg you to please share with your friends.

I just voted for my favorite non-profit to win $200k in IT services from @clarisntwrks. You should too!

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