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There are 70+ Libraries scattered across the campus of Harvard.

This shot was taken from Harvard Yard and your looking at the sides of two of those libraries; the Widener Library (on the right) and the Houghton Library (on the left with two chimneys).

This shot was interesting to me to see the contrast of the yellow leaves of the tree and the red bricks of the buildings.

As we were walking through Harvard Yard, I kept wondering which of the students we were walking by would become the next famous person and what would they be famous for.

Here’s a small list (in no particular order) of some of the famous people that have been to Harvard:

John Hancock
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Rutherford B. Hayes
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Al Gore
George W. Bush
Barack Obama
Benjamin Franklin
Bill Gates
Robert Frost
Mark Zuckerburg
Matt Damon
Bonnie Raitt.

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