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This photo was taken with my iPhone as I was driving through Downtown Sweetwater, Tennessee. There really isn’t much to the little town I live in. There are a number of antique shops along this road, and downtown spans two blocks. This is where I call home!

I had posted this image before (maybe not on this website, but on Facebook), and felt that it could use a little HDR to make it look a bit more interesting. Using the original image from the iPhone I made three copies. -2, 0, +2 EV. Using Photomatix Pro, I merged the images to create a tonemapped version. Because the original was a jpeg, the clouds of the tonemapped version came out very pixelated and with a lot of noise. I then took the image into Photoshop and adjusted the noise by taking the clouds into another layer and using the Noiseware plug-in, then merging that layer with the original layer. This allowed the clouds to look better and still keep the detail of the buildings.

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