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2015 Calendar For Sale


Available now for purchase is a beautiful 12 month 2015 calendar. The calendar consists of images that I have taken from around Northern Thailand. Think of this as a hand-picked collection of some of my favorite images from around Thailand. Cost For only $19.99 +shipping/tax you can purchase one of these calendars for yourself, your…

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Smoking – Mingus Mill


Smoking – Mingus Mill After visiting the Mill for a little bit, the ranger in charge came and “opened up shop”. This is a shot of the mill in action. Where I Shot It

Mingus Mill


Mingus Mill – Great Smoky Mountains National Park Headed out to Mingus Mill today, with my buddy Jerry and several other photographers from out of town. It wasn’t our intention to stop here, but when we reached our original destination, at Clingmans Dome in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the wind was so strong…

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Cliff Tops Sunset

-- Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee --

Boat House

-- Somewhere in East Tennessee --


Just Being An Elephant

-- Elephant Nature Park, Thailand --

About Me


Sharing my photographic knowledge with others, through photographs and how-to tutorials, using my unique vision and style


My name is Alex Banakas and I’m the one behind the shots that you will find on Banakas Photography.

I am 41 years old and currently living in East Tennessee. I am married and we have two children, along with a cat and a dog. I work full time for a software development company as a Load Test Analyst and QA Virtual Lab Administrator. Outside of working full time and helping raise our children, I help manage my wife’s massage therapy business and online presence. Then, when all other work is done, I pick up the camera and go shoot.

My Photography

My first camera bought from a pawn shop for about $45.

I’ve been interested in photography since 1991, when I was an editor on my high school’s year book staff. At the time we worked with black and white film and we even develop our own negatives and prints. I really enjoy learning the technical aspects of things and learning how to do this really turned me on to photography. In order to get the opportunity to develop and print, we had to shoot. In order to get out and shoot, I had to learn how an SLR worked, so I bought my first camera from a pawn shop for about $45.00. It was then that reality set in and I had to learn how to manually take photos. This was no point and shoot, I had to figure out how to get the proper exposure and when you didn’t have a on camera monitor to preview your shots, you were literally shooting in the dark. It wasn’t until I would get back into the darkroom before I knew whether or not, I have proof as to if I knew what I was doing. The nice thing was, all the film, and chemicals were paid for by the school, so now was the time to learn.

Learning hands on, I don’t remember hearing about the term “exposure triangle“, but I did have to learn about ASA (now known as ISO), shutter speed, and aperture.

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Just Waiting

-- Chaing Mai, Thailand --



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What’s in My Bag

While no one has ever come up to me to ask me what I shoot or what’s in my bag, I felt that eventually someone will come to my site and wonder what I use so I’ve provided a simple list of the items that I use to create my works. I understand that it’s not much and it’s actually just the kit lenses that came with the original purchase, but it’s definitely a start, since I couldn’t do anything without it.

Camera:  Nikon D5000 12.3 MP DX Digital SLR Camera


Remote: Wireless IR Remote Control Shutter Release ML-L3

Camera Strap: Black Rapid RS-5 Camera Strap that I won as a give-a-way from Jared Polin of

The Beech Grove School

-- Cataloochee Valley - Great Smoky Mountains National Park --

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Phone: 865.964.9168
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Willing to travel! Contact me if you are interested in using any of my photos. My images have been used in several publications and they can be used in yours too!