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Term, in a word. In a normal ACM for equity derivatives, the parties trade for a certain amount of time at market prices, at the end of which both know the trading conditions. For example, the 2007 European Framework Custody Agreement, published on 17 September 2007, documents option transactions relating to a European index or share (including the multiple exchange index annex and the index/equity option annex) as well as cash-settled share swaps (EFS annex). This website contains links to confirmation forms and tables setting out important economic conditions relating to various types of transactions (“Transactions”) that Deutsche Bank (“we”) may enter into with counterparties from time to time. Any confirmation or other documentation that we provide to you directly in connection with any actual or potential transaction will supersede the information on this website and, to the extent inconsistent, such confirmation or other documentation will prevail. In addition, the agreed terms of any transaction we enter into with you will be set out in the confirmation or other agreement that you and we enter into with respect to such transaction and may differ materially from the terms set out in the forms and tables available on or through this website. By providing this website, we do not indicate that we are willing to enter into a transaction with any counterparty under any conditions. 2007 Comprehensive depositary receipt supplement to the 2002 definitions of equity derivatives. . The 2009 Framework Confirmation Agreement for Equity Derivatives of the Americas contains the following annexes: Annex CSSS documents individual share swaps settled in cash; Annex IS documents index exchange operations; Iso Annex documents index and stock option transactions; Annex ETCIO documents exchange-traded contract index options with cash settlement; and Appendix DCSO Documents Physically Settled Designated Stock Options. The Annexes and DCSOs of etracio and DCSO have already been published under the 2008 Framework Agreement for the Confirmation of Designated And Exchange-Traded Contractual Options of the Americas. Deutsche Bank has received many outstanding international awards. It`s the 31st.

The form of amendment to the European MCAs published in July 2009 removes Iceland from the definition of jurisdictions covered by (i) the 2007 European Framework Agreement on the Confirmation of Equity Derivatives (the “2007 European Framework Agreement for the Confirmation of Equity Derivatives”) and (ii) the revised Framework Agreement on the Confirmation of European Variance Swaps of 2007 (the “Revised Framework Agreement for the Confirmation of European Variance Swaps of 2007”) and with the European Framework Agreement for the confirmation of equity derivatives 2007 Agreement, the “European MCAs”). The parties are free to use this form of amending language to modify their European MCAs bilaterally. Modification of the revised AEJ Master Variance 2007 Swap Confirmation Agreement.Total Return Swap or Price Return Swap on a basket of indices Some of the above information documents are password protected. If you have not received this password, please contact us at and you will receive an email with the password. . MCA is also a label that annoyed Lynyrd Skynrd so much that they wrote a song about it in the Calhoun Tubbs style.[1] Want to hear it? Start. . Annex IS, published on 15 December 2009, contains documentation on cash-settled index swaps. The Component Safety Index Schedule applies to a transaction, unless otherwise specified in the Transaction Supplement. Annex Index IS Annex to the European Framework Agreement for confirmation of shares 2007 2008 Americas Master Designated Exchange – Traded Contract Option Confirmation Agreement.

. Stock swap and share swap Framework Confirmation contract (Global; Bullet) March 2004 Canadian Supplement to Main Confirmation. 1994 Confirmation of over-the-counter single share option transaction confirmations (physical settlement) for use with the ISDA 2002 definitions of equity derivatives. ANNEX TO THE ISDA STANDARD CONDITIONS for use with European variance option transactions. Amendment to revised additional provisions for use with Indian food subvalues 2007 European Variance Swap Confirmation Framework Agreement Blackline. General conditions for confirmation of the European dispersion variance exchange. . (published February 20, 2009 – updated August 5, 2009 and December 23, 2009) Confirmation of the transaction of options on over-the-counter stock indices.

. (Note: The Multiple Exchange Index (MEIA) Appendix is intended to replace the need to use Exhibit H of the ISDA Equity Derivatives Definitions 2002 (EuroStoxx Confirmation Definitions) User Manual. Index Variance Swap – North America and Latin America An “MCA” most likely refers to a confirmation framework agreement – a set of standard ISDA form templates for the execution of equity derivatives between traders. They are all listed on the ISDA website here. 2004 Americas Interdealer Master Equity Derivatives Confirmation Agreement Total Return or Price Return Composite Single Stock Equity Swap with FX Conversion We will keep you informed of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or our RSS News & Podcasts. .

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