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Cliff Top Sunset


Cliff Top Sunset After a delicious dinner cooked by the staff of the LeConte Lodge, and a nice presentation of the Parks history, we hiked a short trail to the Cliff Tops, known for it’s beautiful sunsets. From the time we arrived at the Lodge and the time left for the Cliff Tops, LeConte Lodge…

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LeConte Lodge – Old Cabin 1


LeConte Lodge – Old Cabin 1 Four months have back surgery, my wife, my son and I hiked up to LeConte Lodge. We actually had reservations months before my back surgery, so I wasn’t sure that I would actually be able to go. But, after hiking 6.6 miles up the Rainbow Falls trail, we finally…

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Cherohala Sunrise


Cherohala Sunrise

Quick Tip: Pick or Reject

Quickly Pick or Reject Photos

Quick Tip: Here’s a quick tip to help you quickly “pick” or “reject” images from a shoot. In Lightroom you have a few keys that will help you quickly cull through your recent shoot. I feel these keys can actually shave minutes off of your post processing time. Keys to remember: “P” for “Picked” and…

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Woodland Phlox

Woodland Phlox

Woodland Phlox Some Woodland Phlox found outside of a cave in Eastern Tennessee.

The After Party


The After Party I took my son to a birthday party, and after the party was over, it was just him and the birthday girl. They were out running off some steam and just decided to sit and chat. I grabbed my camera, and captured this moment.

Cades Cove Sunrise

Cade's Cove Sunrise

Cades Cove Sunrise You says you can’t get a Sunrise shot from within Cade’s Cove? Since Cades Cove does not open to the public until Sunrise, and closes at Sunset, it is sometimes difficult to capture a good sunrise shot from within the Cove. However, last weekend, Jerry Denham and I arrived at the gate…

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Lincoln This shot of Lincoln was taken on August 1, 2013. On July 26th, 2013, the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized by a woman who threw green paint at the base of the 120 ton statue. This is the first time the statue had been vandalized since it’s dedication 92 years ago, in 1922. At the…

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