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Cades Cove Sunrise

Cade's Cove Sunrise

Cades Cove Sunrise You says you can’t get a Sunrise shot from within Cade’s Cove? Since Cades Cove does not open to the public until Sunrise, and closes at Sunset, it is sometimes difficult to capture a good sunrise shot from within the Cove. However, last weekend, Jerry Denham and I arrived at the gate…

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Lincoln This shot of Lincoln was taken on August 1, 2013. On July 26th, 2013, the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized by a woman who threw green paint at the base of the 120 ton statue. This is the first time the statue had been vandalized since it’s dedication 92 years ago, in 1922. At the…

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Smoky Mountains






Hyatt Lane

Hyatt Lane

Hyatt Lane A shot of Hyatt Lane during the early phase of Spring 2014. My first time really being about to get out and take photos this year. Although I have gone out previously, my mobility at the time included only a few steps away from the car. This time however, I was able to…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Photography

5 Ways To Improve Your Photography

Everyone is looking for ways to improve your photography. But not everyone is ready for the advanced stuff. Here’s a list of a few articles I’ve written, that may help to improve your photography. 5 Ways to Improve Your Photography The Exposure Triangle – An Introduction to Digital Photography How To Photograph Fireworks How To…

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Spruce Flats Falls

before and after

Re-Evaluate So I was just going through my set of shots that I have in my “published” collection in Lightroom. This is a collection of images that I have uploaded online. While looking through those images, I came across one that just didn’t seem right. It was underexposed, and it just didn’t seem to fit…

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