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15. General By using the Websites, you agree to receive electronic messages from Cheezburger. These communications contain information about your account and information about or about the Cheezburger websites and/or products and services. You agree that any communication, agreement, disclosure or other communication that we send to you electronically satisfies all legal communication requirements, including the written form. Meme-Graphics respects the intellectual property rights of others. We ask our users to do the same. 17. Arbitration Agreement This section applies to all disputes, UNLESS IT DOES NOT COVER ANY DISPUTE RELATING TO RIGHTS OF OMISSION OR CLAIMS OF FAIRNESS REGARDING THE ENFORCEMENT OR VALIDITY OF THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS OR CHEEZBURGER`S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. “Dispute” means any dispute, act or other controversy between you and Cheezburger regarding the Websites or this Agreement, whether with respect to the contract, warranty, unlawful act, law, regulation, regulation or any other legal basis or right of convenience. “Litigation” takes on the greatest possible importance permitted by law. In any event, neither you nor Cheezburger are obligated to resolve any claims under this Section 17 regarding disputes arising out of a written agreement between you and Cheezburger signed by an authorized signatory of each party (except for the purposes of this exception, a “Click-Wrap” – or “Browse-Wrap” agreement shall not be construed as a written agreement). 17.1 Notice of Dispute In the event of a dispute, you or Cheezburger must give the other a communication about the dispute, which is a written statement indicating the name, address and contact details of the party it indicates, the facts that lead to the dispute and the remedies requested. You must send any dispute message by U.S.

mail to the following address: Cheezburger Inc. under XXXXX, WA XXXXX or Cheezburger sends you any dispute messages by U.S. mail to your address if we have them or to your email address. You and Cheezburger will attempt to resolve any dispute through informal negotiations within sixty (sixty) days from the date the Dispute Resolution Communication is sent. After sixty (60) days, you or Cheezburger may commence arbitration proceedings. 17.2. Small Claims Court You may also file a claim in small claims court in your country of residence or King County, Washington, if the dispute qualifies for trial in small claims court. You can file a lawsuit in small claims court, whether you first negotiated informally or not. 17.3. Binding Arbitration If you and Cheezburger do not merely resolve a dispute through informal negotiations or in small claims court, all other efforts to resolve the dispute will be made exclusively through binding arbitration as described in this section.

They waive the right to adjudicate all disputes before a judge or jury (or to participate as a party or as a member of the class). The dispute is settled by a mandatory arbitration procedure, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitration shall be held in Seattle, Washington, and judgment on the arbitral award may be rendered in any court of competent jurisdiction. The arbitrator`s arbitral award is final and binds the parties without appeal or review, except as permitted by Washington law. Either party may request a request for provisional or provisional omission from any court of competent jurisdiction, to the extent necessary to protect the rights or property of the party until the outcome of the arbitration proceedings. . . .

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