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Getting transaction agreements is a nightmare, because (in my experience), one company simply holds the other company responsible for delays. My situation was even more confusing, because I was in the middle of a tug-of-war with the Financial Ombudsman to get the defaults correctly retroactively, or even enforced, so that at that time, I could not stop paying these creditors…… But yes – if all creditors are late (and are ideally down), definitely stop paying and ask yourself full and definitive…. But it gets a little messy. I want to stop making payments to Stepchange, because this is the only remaining debt (all the others have been confirmed as unenforceable), but I am worried that Capquest, if I do, will start recording missed payments/delays in my file, which will negatively impact them This will happen, even if Capquest agrees, that the debt is unenforceable. Yes, it will take time. But it can save you a lot of money. Also remember that whether the agreement is enforceable or unenforceable, there are certain things that can never be done by the lender or the people who ordered it to do so. These are as follows: if the CCA cannot be produced, the fault is still legal. You can ask yourself to pay it, but you can`t go to court. And if they ask you to pay it, they must remind you in the same letter/email that the debt is currently unenforceable.

While I had a warning, I foolishly shredded all my CHCs that my creditors had sent me on demand a few years ago. Do you know if there will be a problem in soliciting them again or could creditors refuse because they have already been sent to me in the past? And if they don`t provide it this time, could they still impose a CCJ because they made it available a few years ago? Thank you very much…

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