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It is also worth taking your own photos of spaces and noting errors, as well as making a photocopy of the inventory. This only serves as further proof if there are claims against you at the end of the lease. The terms of this rental agreement are in line with the legal obligation in Northern Ireland to give the tenant a “statement of rental terms”. It also contains a property inventory of the establishment which must legally have all rental contracts in Northern Ireland. The simplest thing is that both parties agree to end it prematurely, for whatever reason. If this happens, it is better to note in writing, at that time, what was the reason for it and that both parties agree to “postpone” their agreement. You can`t have something in your rental agreement that can indirectly discriminate against your tenants. A lease agreement is a contract, which means that it cannot be changed without both parties accepting these changes and signing an updated contract or making written changes to the existing contract. In general, the signing of a new treaty is considered to be better, since there is less room for misinterpretations. Learn more below about non-AST leases and which ones you need to use. Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) Assuming your lease is an AST, it is necessary to easily use different forms of lease depending on whether: Your agreement might say you have a certain type of lease – but the type of lease you actually have may be different. In England and Wales, most tenants do not have legal protection on a written lease.

However, owners of social housing, such as municipalities and housing companies, usually get you a written lease. Landlords and tenants cannot escape their obligations by not taking their consent in writing. As a general rule, a lease can only be changed if you and your landlord agree.. . . .

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