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As in the rest of India, Madhya Pradesh has the following rental types Therefore, you would save Rs 2 Lakhs. Note that there are no concessions for women homebuyers and stamp duty on real estate is equal for men and women in Madhya Pradesh. Rental, maintenance and deposit fees – Monthly rent, maintenance fees and deposit to be paid in advance must be discussed and agreed in advance. If it is not written in words, the owner could change his word and quote another amount and there will be nothing to do. At the end of 2012, the government announced that E-Stamp papers could be introduced at the beginning of the next fiscal year. Although the state has put it in place, a large part of the population still clings to the use of traditional stamp papers. The trend towards E-Stamp papers has yet to take hold. Stamp and registration fees in West Bengal. As a result of today`s temporary reduction, stamp duty has been reduced by 2% to 7.5% and registration fees remain at 3%.

The total is 10.5%. The registration fee in the state of Madhya Pradesh is 1% of the total rent + deposit. LegalDesk is here with a large number of prefabricated legal documents that can be customized in less than a few minutes. It will save you all the trouble of going to a lawyer and making a certificate for you. If you want to establish a lease for Madhya Pradesh, here`s what you need to do: a week after the Maharashtra government decided to reduce stamp duty on housing units, the Madhya Pradesh government also announced on September 7 that it would reduce stamp duty by 2 percent in urban areas to stimulate stagnation in the housing market, who is affected by COVID-19. The procedure is no different from that of other States. The traditional method would be for landlords and tenants to enter into discussions about what should and should not be included in the rental agreement. Once they have agreed on the clauses, they can consult a lawyer who will draw up the agreement for them in standard format and then have it printed on stamp paper. The tenant and the landlord then validate the document by placing their signatures with those of two witnesses….

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