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The agreement provides for annual wage increases, retroactivity and improved health and social security benefits for 319 workers in Coca-Cola`s production and warehouses as well as transportation drivers. Local 812 President Joe Vitta said, “This is a classic example of how to give an arm and take a leg. Our union does not tolerate any violation of treaties – our collective agreements are in place to protect the rights, working conditions and compensation of our members.┬áThe new agreement transfers 727 local members into a new health and wellness plan made available to Coca-Cola management. Improved health care results in significant savings for workers who receive annual wage increases and 401(K) employer-specific pensions. The first year`s increases are retroactive to May 1. Local 727 secured the fair deal after members nearly unanimously approved an unfair strike against Coca-Cola refreshments and entered the strike line on December 3 for 27 days. During the strike against unfair labor practices, the union continued to work to implement a new contract through traditional federal negotiations and mediations. The two sides reached a provisional agreement on 29 December. In the weeks that followed, representatives from Local 727 met with workers and distributed full copies of the agreement to ensure Coca-Cola members understood the extent of their provisions.

“From the beginning, the hard-working men and women at Coca-Cola refreshments wanted their voices to be heard, and by coming together, they got a strong contract that respects the work they do,” said John T. Coli, secretary and treasurer of Local 727. “The union applauds each and every one of our members for standing together and showing us all what can be achieved through fair and accountable collective bargaining.” The vote on the contract took place following local 727`s general meeting on Sunday. Coca-Cola Teamsters voted 170 to 10 in favor of the agreement recommended by the negotiating committee for ratification. * FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF THE AGREEMENT, THE GROSS WAGES OF UNION MEMBERS ARE INCREASED BY 535 LIRE PER PERSON PER MONTH WITH EFFECT FROM 01.01.2018 * SAID ON THURSDAY COLLECTIVE BARGAINING WITH THE TEK-GIDA UNION IS OVER Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. This award protects the right to work a premium day for older workers, means that fewer workers will work a divided work week and gives hope to young workers who will also one day have the opportunity to receive bonuses for weekend work. * IN THE SECOND YEAR OF THE AGREEMENT, GROSS WAGES ARE INCREASED BY THE RATE OF INCREASE OF THE CONSUMER PRICE INDEX PLUS 135 LIRE PER PERSON PER MONTH While this has worked well for a very long time, coke management began last autumn to allocate to workers flex weeks above the negotiated limit. The confiding man intervened to correct the situation, but the guards refused to move.

The union followed every step of the appeal process to arbitration unwaveringly. * THE ANNUAL SOCIAL PACKAGE IS INCREASED BY ABOUT 13% IN THE FIRST AND SECOND YEAR OF THE RATE OF INCREASE OF THE CONSUMER PRICE INDEX A long-term contractual provision limits the use of flexible scheduling by the company (5-day working week with non-consecutive days off such as Sunday and Tuesday), while workers with the longest length of service can continue to work overtime on weekends. The contract allows Coke to relax up to 15% of workers. The new three-year contract expires on April 30, 2018. To end Coca Cola`s failings, Local 812 filed a lawsuit and took the case to arbitration. The arbitrator sided with the union. Teamsters Local 727 members voted on Sunday, January 10, 17-1 to overwhelmingly ratify a new three-year contract with Coca-Cola`s Refreshments in Niles and Alsip, Illinois. . . .

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