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We will now provide an overview of the current trade agreements and the organizations to which Peru is a member today. The most recent is the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Peru, which has opened up even more opportunities for the country. You can find up-to-date information on this new agreement at the Biz Latin Hub. We will continue by looking at the largest trade agreement in the WTO (World Trade Organization) and then we will turn to the small unilateral trade agreements that Peru has. The U.S.-Peru trade agreement facilitates reciprocal trade in goods and services and provides a secure and predictable legal framework for investors and strong intellectual property protection in both countries. The U.S.-Peru trade agreement was also the first agreement to include historic obligations to protect labor rights and the environment. U.S. exports to Peru have increased by 35 percent since the agreement entered into force in 2009. In 2011, the United States became the main objectives of UNCTAD`s work programme on the IIA • reform of the international investment agreement (IIA) regime to improve its dimension of sustainable development; • A comprehensive analysis of key issues arising from the complexity of the international investment regime; • the development of a wide range of instruments to support the formulation of a more balanced international investment policy. . . .

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