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Under the statutes in force, workers have the right to organise and select exclusive negotiators. These agents negotiate collective agreements that set out their wages, hours and working conditions. Agents may participate in concerted mutual aid and protection activities. As part of our agreement at the negotiating table, the CRA has agreed with UTE to change its duration rolling policy. Long-term employees no longer need to wait 5 years permanently. After 3 years of employment at the CRA, temporary staff are now recruited for an indefinite period. More details will follow shortly. Very informative! After scotus` Janus decision, things changed. However, it seems that, in some states, trade union membership has indeed increased! From what I have read, everything is due to a strong system that introduces new workers to their union representatives and explains the benefits of union membership. Even though non-members must be involved in all negotiations, this has not led to members withdrawing to become parasites! In fact, in some states, such as Washington State, union members are even higher than before Janus` decision! It`s worth googled through The Seattle deal with a coalition of unions to see how they do so well after Janus. Politicians who are ashamed of their voters will often try to punish those who have put them in this position. It is therefore important that management negotiators strive to prevent such circumstances.

If they have bad news for workers` representatives, they should share it with them privately. You can take them out of the trading room or contact them by phone. The multifactorial aspects of collective bargaining make the need for thorough preparation for bargaining particularly important. Both workers` and management negotiators should sit down with the people on their respective pages before meeting with the other side. This is an opportunity to decide on the points to be addressed and to identify their priorities. What are the vital notions; that are important; And which ones are desirable? In a victory for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) members, who have gone out of their way to support Canadians during this pandemic, PSAC-UTE has reached a preliminary agreement that offers fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions. Teams should decide on lower-value expenses that they are willing to act on preferential terms. What topics should the team address first and what topics should be discussed later? Most negotiators prefer to start interactions on less important topics. The hope is to reach preliminary agreements on these issues before moving on to more important issues. This allows the team to focus first on areas of common gains, while preparing to create a psychological commitment to final agreements..

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