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1. At least every six (6) months, Union staff providing services to the Funds shall, for a period of at least one (1) week, record the chronological records necessary to determine the allocation of the time of such staff between Union undertakings and the Fund. The percentage of time spent is determined on the basis of these temporal records. Staff Recommendation: Authorize the Executive Director, by vote, to sign an award agreement with Elk Valley Rancheria to reflect existing resolutions and agreements. This Agreement shall not limit the possibility for persons who have provided services to the Funds and/or the Union to allocate between the Funds and/or the Union, on the basis of the services actually provided, the possibility for the Funds and/or the Union to pay fees on the basis of such an allocation. If they meet certain criteria, multi-employer benefit plans may share certain administrative expenses, entities and staff without violating the transaction rules prohibited under ERISA. Below, courtesy of Jules Levine, are Esq. a standard contract by which the plans can formally document their agreement. One. The allocation of funds and the Union, set out in Annex I, has been determined by the Funds and the Union, in consultation with their recruitment agents, on the basis of the actual use of the institutions, goods and services by the Funds and by the Union. B. The allocation of expenditure referred to in Section I of this Agreement shall be reviewed from time to time on the basis of a study on the use of equipment, goods and services by the Funds and by the Union and verified by the respective auditors of the Funds and the Union. The chartered accountants shall report to the custodian of the Funds and of the Union on their findings following this review and, where appropriate, Annex I to this Agreement shall be amended in accordance with the Management Board; and the Union`s determination of actual use.

End of application. This Agreement may be terminated, in whole or in part, with a reasonable written period without notice, by either party for a minimum period of 30 days. Termination shall be appropriate for the purposes of this paragraph where it expresses its intention to terminate the sharing of a service upon the expiry of the current contract for that service, with the exception that the other parties to this Agreement grant at least twice the notice period due to the contract where the Funds and the Union are required to: to inform a third party under this Agreement. Third. This Agreement, which will enter into force from ____ 199__ exists between IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Funds and the Union have ensured that this Agreement is properly executed from the abovementioned date. CONSIDERING that the funds are staff contingency plans providing members and beneficiaries with benefits to workers, and that federal income taxes of the U.S. pre-distribution group are allocated in accordance with the corresponding tax allocation treaties. with the offices at__________________ (together “the funds”) and for the avoidance of doubt, the expected taxes do not include the taxes allocated to the IBB Group under the tax distribution agreements.

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