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Bilateral, regional and global groups and agreements that involve India and/or affect India`s interests India signed the Logistics Memorandum of Understanding with the United States in August 2016, after decades of negotiations. Since then, it has concluded several such agreements with France, Oman, the Philippines and Singapore and has had access to the port of Sabang, Indonesia. The biggest beneficiary of the logistics pacts has been the Navy, which interagulates and practices the most with foreign navies. During operations on the high seas, exercises or humanitarian aid operations, fuel, food and other needs can be exchanged and then settled according to the defined modalities. It is an agreement that allows access to India and Russia, to the other`s military facilities for supply and fuel and expands the logistical support and operational rotation of the Indian Army. The ARLS is expected to be signed with Russia during the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin in September on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia. Last month, a delegation led by Additional Secretary Jiwesh Nandan visited Russia to conclude the deal, the Defense Ministry said in its monthly report. Moscow had sent a draft agreement early last year and the Defense Ministry sent it in July to the Integrated Defense Staff and the three services for advice. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements facilitating access to military fuel exchange facilities and mutually agreed arrangements that facilitate logistical support and increase the operational shift of the military outside India. The agreements with Australia and Russia will be largely modeled on the United States, while the agreement with Japan is a broader agreement for defense cooperation, including logistics, a second official said. India is working to conclude three Military Logistics Support Agreements (MLSAs) by the end of the year, which will further improve the military`s operational reach in the region.

India has already signed such agreements with some countries, starting with the United States. The Navy has been the biggest beneficiary. India and Russia are expected to visit Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Moscow from June 5-7. November reaching a mutual logistics agreement and reviewing the creation of joint ventures for the manufacture of spare parts for Russian defense platforms in India, official sources said.

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