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As he awaited the official start of Congress, Madison outlined his original proposal, known as the Virginia Plan, which reflected his views as a strong nationalist. Delegates from Virginia and Pennsylvania approved Madison`s plan and formed the dominant coalition within the Convention. [39] The plan was inspired by national governments and was drafted in the form of fifteen resolutions setting out the fundamental principles. The system of mutual control that was to be at the heart of the U.S. Constitution was missing. [40] It called for the creation of a supreme national government and was a radical abandonment of the statutes of confederation. [41] On May 29, Virginia Governor Edmund Randolph presented the Virginia Plan to Congress. [42] Much of what was included in the commission`s report consisted of many details that the Convention had never addressed, but which the Committee rightly disputed as uncontested and unlikely; and as such, much of the commission`s proposal would ultimately be included in the final version of the Constitution without debate. [123]:169 examples of these details were the speech and debate clause that grants members of Congress immunity for comments in their jobs, and the rules governing the organization of the House of Representatives and the Senate. When the Massachusetts government refused to pass similar aid laws, rural peasants seized themselves like the Shay Rebellion (1786-1787).

This rebellion was led by a former captain of the War of Independence, Daniel Shays, a small peasant with tax debts, who had never received payment for his service in the Continental Army. The rebellion lasted months until Massachusetts was knocked out, and some wanted a federal army capable of suppressing such riots. [18] Philadelphia, the largest city in the American colonies, and adjacent rural areas are shown on this 1752 map. The first illustration of the city`s State House, later called Independence Hall, dominates the upper part of the map. The map also identifies the owners of many individual properties. Philadelphia was essentially the capital of the United States during the Revolutionary War, and the State House was home to the Second Continental Congress and the 1787 Federal Convention. Few people realized at the time the importance of the subject, the absence of right-wing legislation becoming the main argument of the federalists against ratification. Most convention delegates felt that states were already protecting the rights of individuals and that the Constitution did not self-hate the national government to take rights and therefore there was no need to include the protection of rights. After the Convention arrived on this point, delegates raised a few last-minute questions.

What is important is that they have changed the language that made expense accounts to be from the House of Representatives and that they are accepted or rejected en bloc by the Senate, unchanged. The new language allowed the Senate to amend the expense accounts proposed by the House of Representatives. [123]243 The debate over the future of the international slave trade was, in many ways, even more depressing than the one that culminated in the three-fifths compromise. Only delegates from South Carolina and Georgia were determined to pursue what most other delegates saw as unforgivable trade, but their insistence that trade last at least another 20 years has taken place. As concerned as the delegates of other States were, their concern for harmony within the Convention was far greater than their concern for the fate of Africans whose lives and work would be sacrificed by the continuation of the slave trade. Between 1788 and 1808, the number of African slaves brought into the United States exceeded 200,000, only 50,000 less than the total number of slaves imported in the last 170 years! John Adams and Thomas Jefferson did not participate in the Constitutional Convention because they served as American ministers abroad during the constitutional debates.

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