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Hello, Sandy I read about temporary guardianship and wanted to know how a parent who is in good condition is good, but living in another state can give a guardianship of Grandmother Temp without the father (other parents) any rights. A father whose rights were totally taken away from him because he missed a day in court. And if, as a result of a false report made by the mother`s grandmother to the judge, full custody has been granted, how can the father`s rights over time be waived? What are this father`s rights? He loves his daughter and hasn`t seen her in 2 years. Back in 2014, the mother allowed the little girl to visit her father, and he had her for a long time. However, the mother was not really worried until her mother intervened, so that the little girl`s mother took the father`s little girl without knowing it. Then she sent the little girl to California to be with her grandmother. At that point, the father is angry and frustrated by what happened, so that with the help of the little girl`s uncle, the father came to California and unknowingly retrieved her. The grandmother took the situation to ATL Court, where the little girl`s mother lived and the mother was granted full custody. Well, here`s the table football part the mother sent to CA, but the judge gave the father access to ATL. Now, the little girl is at CA since no access is granted to the father who lives in NJ. He is devastated by all this and he wants to know who can help him. He does not have a good relationship with his grandmother. If you are considering temporary guardianship options for your child, contact A People`s Choice for more information.

We have over 40 years of experience in supporting our clients in family law documents. In addition, we provide inexpensive professional services without a lawyer for temporary guardianship in California. Call us today at 800-747-2780! GC-110 (P) (May be used in place of the GC-110 form for guardianship of the person only. Common guardianship is an option if a parent has a serious illness and needs another adult to care for their child. The guardian can always make the same decisions as in other circumstances – only in partnership with the child`s biological parent. If the child`s biological parent dies, the legal guardian automatically becomes the child`s only legal guardian.

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