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This area supports the logistics of events for student organisations and the Studentaffairs department. 6.3 Early termination of the event: In the unlikely event of a reported major incident occurring elsewhere in the UK, we reserve the right to cancel our participation in the event at any time before or during the event if we conclude that other requirements must be a priority for our services. If possible, we will notify you as soon as possible of the cancellation due to a major incident. In the event of a cancellation due to a major incident, we will not charge you (i) the amounts due in accordance with the invoice; and (ii) to make a refund for amounts already calculated under the invoice. Please note that event agreements, audiovisual requests and guest policy requests require a Facility Confirmation Pass to submit. Event security employees will arrive at your event half an hour before departure to set up medical services and allow guests to arrive early. (vi) “Events Office” our events office that manages your booking; 10.3 Confidential information: If confidential information (which is not publicly available), z.B regarding each other`s activities and persons, first aid protection and all price information received from you or Us, we agree that we will not disclose this confidential information to third parties for a period of three years, unless required by law. , regulation or court order. St John Event Health Services is the first choice for medical care at any type of event in South Australia. After your event, St John Event Health Services can provide you with a full description of medical services and a report on the number of people treated and the nature of the medical conditions treated. For minor events, this may not be necessary. In the case of a longer event contract, a weekly or monthly package report can be generated. Based on the event briefing, St John Event Health Services: (b) You must keep the event site free of any danger or anything that might prevent us or prevent us from providing first aid coverage; You don`t want a medical emergency to be your main event, which is why we recommend that you consider medical care.

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