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The separation between the “loss nnetate (99TcO4)” of contaminated groundwater and nuclear waste streams remains a technical challenge for the long-term management of 99 TCI4, which are released for the environment. A silica zeolith-Y phase was modified with cationic tensioactive and then used for the sequestration of “TcO4” from an acidic watery solution containing competing ions. Pristine and modified zeolith Y phases were characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), sorption isotherms, Zeta`s potential and bet surface measurements. The TcO4 sorption capacity of modified Zeolith Y (MSAV) was 337 mg/g, which was consistent with the modeled estimates of 357 mg/g. Long and pseudo-seconds models appropriately described the Sorption of TcO4-Auf for modified zeolite-Y phases. Kinetic data suggest that liquid film diffusion and intrapacres infusion were the condensation steps that implemented the sorption of TcO4. Analysis of XAS spectrochemical data showed that ReO4, a chemical analogue for TcO4, was associated with the (n) phase (s) modified zeolite (n) as a heroic ReO4 complex that could be integrated into a structural cavity, and there was no indication of the reduced form of Re (IV). Modified Zeolith Y showed rapid sorption kinetics, significant sorption ability and robust absorption capacity under acidic conditions (pH 3-5) and in the presence of high concentrations of competing anions. An important attribute of this decontamination technology is that it sequesters TcO4 (tc oxidized form), which naturally exists in most surface environments and waste streams, and offers an effective alternative to existing reducing precipitation technologies, which have limited long-term environmental applications. Download: Download High-Res Image (172KB)Download: Download Full Image Victorian Public Health Sector (Medical Scientists, Pharmacists and Psychologists) Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 Zeolith modification with hexadecyltrimethylammonium improve anionic bonding. Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health Enterprise Agreement 2012-2016 . Pertechn√©tate is integrated into the modified zeolith as an internal hemisphere-shaped complex. Sorbents offer an inexpensive approach to fixing the waste nnetate in oxidized conditions.

The image shows the elimination of the rate of loss of groundwater contaminated with tensio-tensif-modified zeolite. On this page, you will find copies of agreements on public sector companies for public hospitals, the public health sector and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. Health Professionals – Support Services Award 2010 The modified zeolithe showed a rapid kinetics and a significant sorption capacity for TcO4.

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